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Address Friedrichshafen: Sparkasse Bodensee
Charlottenstr. 2
88045 Friedrichshafen
Address Konstanz:  Sparkasse Bodensee
Marktstätte 1
78462 Konstanz
Postal address Friedrichshafen: Sparkasse Bodensee
Postfach 1880
88008 Friedrichshafen
Postal address Konstanz: Sparkasse Bodensee
Postfach 10 20 53
78420 Konstanz 
Telephone Friedrichshafen*: 07541 704-0
Telephone Konstanz*: 07531 / 285-0
Fax Friedrichshafen*: 07541 704-4354
Fax Konstanz*:  07531 / 285-5390
Online banking hotline*: 07541 / 704-4400
E-mail: info@sparkasse-bodensee.de
Sort code: 69050001

* Calls from a German landline or from mobile phones are charged as you agreed with your provider. Calls from mobile phones are charged at no more than Euro 0.42 each.

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